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Welcome to the FUD.ZONE, Sponsored by HORUS X GAMING Glasses & Gridplus the next-generation hardware wallet designed to provide military grade security for your crypto.

FUD.Zone Quote o’ July 2024

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Today’s FUD


Eden Genesis Announces a Huge Partnership Coming for NFT Gaming Raising Eyebrows

Interpol Seeks Arrest of Failed POS Crypto-Firm Boss Do Kwon Who is Reported to Be Hiding Under the Ocean

Stablecoins: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook, IG App Can Steal secrets, and Users Can’t Turn It Off!

Art NFTs More Than Just Art?

Polygon Announces The World’s First Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Scaling Solution Fully Compatible with Ethereum

Scammers, they’re coming for your bots

Break Free From the Work-to-Earn Chains, Help-to-Earn Supports Play-to-Earn

Crypto Winter 2018 vs. Crypto Summer 2022

Most Crypto Exchanges are ‘Secretly’ Insolvent

8 Ways Crypto Wallets Can Be Hacked

DeFi+GameFi: How Decentralized Finance Helps Blockchain Games Become More Profitable for Users

Is The World Ready for NFTFi - DeFi + NFT?

Have Humans Reached Peak Performance in Technology?

Monkey Bet Dao Rugpool Changes Hands to Look Labs

You Are Doing Manifestation Wrong

Is Cloud Gaming Doomed Because of Physics?

US Investigates Binance Over BNB ICO

Was the Luna Crash Planned or an Imperfection in the System?

Crypto Market Making: A Complete Introduction

Luna Crashes, Again

The Sandbox Partners with DanceFight

NFT Cloud Service Built By Salesforce

World’s Largest Airdrop is About to Happen at PulseX.com

A Brief Glimpse into the Sacrificing of $BTC $ETH & More

A Brief Introduction to Ethereum Swarm

Learn K-Means Clustering by Quantizing Color Images in Python


The Most Elaborate Scam Hitting the NFT & Crypto Space in 2022 - Full Thread

The NFT Instagram of Scams Nafter.io

Work with Anon Teams? You Need to get MetaFabric.io

Best Game Theory NFT Project = Wolf.Game

Biggest FREE Airdrop of ALL Time = PulseX.com

Well Established #P2E Game = Splinterland

The ENS of 2022 = $FABRIC

Build Your Own Affiliate Program for Free = Goaffpro

An Epic Play AND Earn Game Like Hades on Steam Launching Q4 2022 = Eden Genesis


You are probably here seeking knowledge of FUD. Fortunately for you, we only speak of FUD & derivatives of FUD. Whenever you commit to visiting the FUD.ZONE, be forewarned. You may not like what you see. If you’re here, you’re going to make it. We almost guarantee it, but cannot due to legal issues. Not financial advice.